20 Weeks, 100 training runs – I’ve just signed up to do the Chilly Half

Something is happening in my world right now, people are getting sick.  People I know, people I work with, people I love…the sickness is cancer – and it’s scaring the piss out of me! As you may or may not know my father died 5 years ago, heart attack at age 59! One year after retiring.  It was a horrible terrible time in my life after his death.  My father was a junk food and coke addict (coke cola).  I have described this in my “Sugar is the Devil” post. But not only did he eat sugar like it was going out of style, he smoked allot! I can’t imagine a time when he didn’t have a smoke hanging out of his mouth. Knowing that his bad habits lead to his death didn’t phase me.  I have fallen off the quitting smoking train more times than I can even remember at this point.  But something has happened recently, I’ve realized that I am about to hit middle age and all the damage I’ve done and I’m continuing to do is really going to start to show in the next few years.  The wrinkles and wheezing from smoking, the back fat from my love of wine and dairy, and sore body from lack of exercise. I wish I could flip a switch and change all these habits and be happy living the healthy life, but the reason I don’t is because I don’t like it! I have a bad habit of doing everything to the extreme, from my health kicks to my partying. I’ve often wrote about finding balance and again I’m going to write about it as I try once again to find it.

A few weeks ago I started to flush my body of sugar (Nothing white, rice, flour, sugar, potatoes), I have been able to stick to that (with one little exception, I do ingest the “natural” sugars in wine) and I feel great! I’ve also lost a few pounds which is a sweet little bonus. In addition to the no sugar I’ve decided to get back into running and today signed up for the Chilly Half.  So I invite you to follow me in the journey over the next 20 weeks while I prep for the race. Today I ran my first training run 4kn in 30 minutes.  I’m very proud of myself for getting our and running today.


Pic. is Tara and me from last years run…she did the half I did the 5km

I would love to hear stories of people that took up running and the struggles they faced.  Share if you like!  That’s it for today.

Bottoms up, Heather

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