Fat vs. Sugar

A few weeks ago I eliminate sugar from my diet and against all my better judgement at the same time I drastically reduced my fat intake.  That first week my body went into ketosis and I ended up losing 4lbs.  I was happy about that but you all know me, I love butter, I love bacon and I love red meat.  Eliminating fat would not be sustainable for me. I should mention that during this whole experiment I am tracking all my food using the Weight Watchers Points counter as a guide.  I don’t want to go too far over my points value for the day but I don’t want to eat to little as well.  My second day of the experiment I ate about 600 calories…today I’m pretty sure I’ve had about 1500.  At this rate of calorie intake I should not lose weight this week.  I’ve posted a picture of what I ate using my Weight Watchers tracker, I will track tmw and input the food into MyFitnessPal to see the actual fat/calories/sugar etc. The goal of this week and next is to see if I’m eating more fat if I will still loose weight.


What I do know is that I feel mentally clearer eating fat, I’m happier and I don’t crave sugar.  I think sugar is my filler, but the more I eat the more I want.  I now know this is because I’m a sugar addict (hey hey it can happen to anyone) and the only way not to fall victim to it, is simply not to eat it.

Anyone who is thinking of saying F-You to sugar, be warned you are going to feel like crap and crave it so bad you will want to eat your own toes thinking they are BIG FOOT jellies…but there is light at the end of the tunnel.  It took me about 4 days and the cravings stopped.

big foot

I’m voting for eating more fat to win this experiment – if you can “win” an experiment…just so you know winning for me is losing weight and feeling great.

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