30 Day Challenge – Plant Based Eating

Wow! 2015! I can’t believe how much has changed in my life since I started this blog 3 years ago…and at the same time how much has stayed the same.  I still struggle with my weight, I’m still battling smoking (although in the past 60 days I have only fallen off the wagon 3 times) and this during the holidays.  So I forgive myself. One area that I’m not struggling with is eating healthy, that goal is only improving as the years go by.  Although my eating healthier hasn’t improved my immune system as this year I have had more migraines, colds, flu’s and stomach bugs than I can count.  As I type this right now I’m dealing with a wicked Noroviris (I know, that’s Heather for sharing). As I try to get to the bottom of all this sickness JJ and I have come up with a little challenge.  We are going to remove meat & dairy from our diet for 30 days and see if we feel any different.  Trying a plant based diet.

I’ve watched Fat Sick and Nearly Dead, Hungry for Change, Food Inc., Food Matters, Fork Over Knives and many more. I’ve read Salt Sugar Fat, Food Inc., Everything Michel Pollan writes but yet I continue to eat and love eating meat.  Just today I proclaimed we are meat eaters! We are meant to eat meat! But could all this meat protein be causing some or all of my ills? I guess the only way to know is to try it and see. – Below is a beautiful shot from a total veggie feast JJ & me made for his bestie’s Bachlorette Party last summer.


I’m scared, I’m actually scared to give up my bacon for a month, I think I can go without all other meat, but bacon is my love.  It goes so nicely with everything.

plant based no bacon

Wish me luck and if you like, check back daily and read about our journey.

Bottoms up, Heather

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