Day 5, Heather’s Whole30

October 27th, 2016

Day 5 of Whole 30

How you doing today Heather?

In one word TIRED, in two words TIRED and cranky, in three words TIRED cranky and forgetful.  Today something that I have been noticing over the past few days have risen to a whole new level, my forgetfulness. This is not a trait I generally have.  I am not that person who walks into the room and then wonders why they are there…that isn’t me!  In my mind there are only two reasons this is happening.

  1. old age in setting in…
  2. I’m keeping myself so busy that I don’t know if I’m coming or going!

It’s gotta be two right? Yeah, it’s two. This Whole30 business is becoming my obsession (and if you are nodding your head in agreement here and you don’t want to hear about the Whole30 then you are in the wrong blogpost, all posts titled Whole30 – you guessed it are about exactly that)…geesh see what I mean about cranky!

Now back to the obsession, maybe that word is to strong but I feel like I’m planning every second of everyday, and not only that but every second of everyday needs to be filled up with something productive.  Is this is new life I am creating for myself, am I ready to run a million miles an hour without a glass of wine in my hand?

This is going to take some pondering,

Okay pondered, yes this is the new life I am creating for myself.  But you came here to read about the Whole30 read this, this is all you need to know.  Plan, plan plan.  You must plan for every meal, every pitfall, every off base emotion.  No sugar, it like quitting smoking/crack/sex all at once.  Yes it’s fucken hard! You need to plan!


For Jim, the first few days after he quit eating junk food were the hardest.
When the forgetful stage rolls in planning is the only thing that is going to say your ass.  I’ll leave you with that tonight.



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