Finding Food & Love in Spain

Food and Love:

When I think of food it always brings memories of people in my life.  Spaghetti & meatballs to me is my mother, cabbage rolls are my grandma, Thai my father, pasta my sister, chicken sushi a long-lost love, chicken fingers another…and then there is Prawns Pil Pil. This summer I was lucky enough to take one of my bucket list trips. First stop was Italy (more on that soon) and my second was Spain.  I landed in a place called Malaga on the Costa del Sol, “Coast of the sun”, the views of the ocean blew my mind, the black sand with big white pebbles where unlike anything I have ever witnessed before, and all the family run restaurants along the shore of the beach is where I called home for 7 days.

A few shots of this beautiful vacation…

The big smile is brought to you from a beach in Malaga. I just finished my lunch, fresh shrimps cooked over the fire on the beach.  This smile is also the beginning of something else, love.

Sangria anyone?



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