About Me

Welcome to The Fowl Mouthed Kitchen! I’m Heather Garand, a girl that loves to entertain, cooks up a storm, and likes to enjoy a good glass of wine or cheap pink champagne. Truth is, my dream one day is to have my own restaurant…but until then, while I sit in my office and sell advertising, I want you and me to enjoy hanging out, Cooking and Drinking in Heather’s Fowl Mouthed Kitchen.

What are you going to see in the Kitchen? Come and read the latest in food news in The Daily Catch…and by news, I mean what I deem news worthy… so that could be just about anything from how salmon farms on the west coast are feeding their fish stock pellets made from chickens feet (Ick!) to why you should never order from a certain Thai restaurant on Bloor St. W. in Toronto (found a staple in my take-out! They should be happy this blog wasn’t up and running at the time).

In Recipes you will find a plethora to choose from, some from me, and some from you. They will cover everything from dinning alone and the best comfort food; chicken fingers and mashed potato’s are my favorite! To finding, eating or making the best burger – Burger Wednesdays are back! You will also enjoy my favorite cuisine to cook and eat: Italian! You will find out why I am truly inspired by the delights of Italy, and hear me cry about how I haven’t been there…YET!

When reading The Foodie you will tour around Toronto restaurants with me. I’ll share the good, down right amazing, BAD and just plain Horrifying…friends will always be joining me on these outings, so weather good or bad, it will always be entertaining. We’ll be rating the food, service, décor, patios and can’t forget the bathrooms!

Mix It Up is where you will find the best places in Toronto to drink, whether your poison is beer, martinis (guilty as charged on this one), wine, or the latest in mixed beverages. This is where you will find some great watering holes in the city.

One more thing you should know about me is I’m madly in love with Hell’s Kitchen, Come Dine with Me (Canadian and British), Master Chef and so many other reality based cooking shows. I have devoted TV Dinner to these shows and will be posting my comments each week. I have a running bet on this season’s Hell’s Kitchen, hopefully I will be claiming victory for the 3rd season.

If you are like me, several times throughout the year you may feel it completely necessary to “cleanse” therefore I have devoted Get Your Greens to everything I can find on healthy eating.

I do hope you enjoy reading my blog as much as I enjoy putting it all together.

Bottoms up! Heather


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