Saturday Night Beef Wellington

I love spending my weekends in the kitchen cooking, and this weekend I did exactly that! Our day started at Rowe Farms in Leslieville with a very different menu in ...


Vegan Chilli a Colourful Photo Shoot

In January I decided to try 30 days of a vegan diet. It was amazing, I learned more about flavour combinations than I could have imagined. I have always been ...

plant based diet

30 Day Challenge – Plant Based Eating

Wow! 2015! I can’t believe how much has changed in my life since I started this blog 3 years ago…and at the same time how much has stayed the same. ...

Heather's Favorites


McDonalds Poutine Deconstructed

As I was checking out my twitter feed I noticed that someone ...

Heather’s Birthday Empanada

Heather’s Birthday Empanada For those of you who know me you know ...

I have fallen in LOVE with a Shanghai Cowgirl

Shanghai Cowgirl 538 Queen St W Toronto, ON M5V 2B5 Fowl Mouthed ...

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Dance Party Beef Wellington


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big foot

Fat vs. Sugar

A few weeks ago I eliminate sugar from my diet and against all my better judgement at the same time I drastically reduced my fat intake.  That first week my body went into ketosis and I ended up losing 4lbs.  I was happy about that but you all know me, I love butter, I love […]

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20 Weeks, 100 training runs – I’ve just signed up to do the Chilly Half

Something is happening in my world right now, people are getting sick.  People I know, people I work with, people I love…the sickness is cancer – and it’s scaring the piss out of me! As you may or may not know my father died 5 years ago, heart attack at age 59! One year after […]

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benifits of haivng dinner made for you

Benefits of Having Dinner Cooked for YOU!

I love to cook, I love to cook more than I love to eat believe it or not…living with someone who cooks almost as well as me is amazing, delicious and challenging all at the same time.  Cooking as you know if my ZEN, after a long day – a short day – pretty much […]

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cdwmc themes

Break out your Prom Dress #CDWMC is having a theme night!!

I’m wondering what I will like more, Come Dine with Me Canada….Indiana Jones, Finding Nemo, un-rated Sex n The City or Risky Business…I have no idea what tomorrow night’s Come Dine with Me Canada will bring but I do know it’s all themes. Why couldn’t I have had a theme night, I know, I know […]

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feature image cdwmc

Wish it was Devilled eggs! #CDWMC

I was expecting a night of drunken devilled eggs and that is almost what I got! I should have planed better for tonight’s show and bought a second bottle of wine. The night started off great with Marie and Tricia….then the big YAWN with Minesh and Vicky, so much so that I couldn’t even keep […]

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pistacio meatballs

Pistachio Pesto Meatball Perfection

We all know how much I love balls, meatballs that is, get your head out of the gutter! There are so many ways you can make this yummy balls of goodness.  I never make them the same way twice.  A few weeks ago JJ had a great idea to make pistachio pesto, he served it […]

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You Can’t Always Get What You Want…

But do you get what you need? Why can’t I have everything in life that I want? This post is going to be all about me, my little rant. ~Rolling Stones I want to be healthy I want to be a size 8 (okay 6 but I will settle for 8) I want my boyfriend to […]

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image (1)

Creamy Leek & Celery-Root Soup with Bacon

In 2013 I feel in love with celery root. I’m pretty sure I ate it in one form or another once a week for the year. If you haven’t tried it before it is very versatile, it can be eaten raw or cooked and pairs well with so many foods. I found a recipe similar […]

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Sugar is the DEVIL

I was out to lunch last week with a friend and no big surprise here we starting talking about food, diet and generally how we eat.  Now when I say diet I don’t mean – going on a diet…the kind that Canadian’s spend 7 Billion dollars a year on! – Yes, 7 BILLION! I mean […]

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Waiter, there is a fly in my soup – Budda Boom, Budda Bing…

Let me paint the picture for you;  It’s Tuesday night in Pickering, some people are just leaving work, some are home, a few are out with their kids starting the holiday shopping. I’m waiting for Anna to get home with the kids, I haven’t eaten all day so I decide to hit up the East […]

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Bring on the BACON!! #CDWMC Greg Moar does it Right

Yesterday I was participating in Meatless Monday and living my bacon dreams through Come Dine with Me Canada. It was a great show last night, funny, engaging, and lots of conversation with all my great twitter peeps! After a good night of sleep I feel bad for ripping on Effie the way I did, she […]

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October Food Porn Moments

October was a great month for food! For those of you who don’t follow me on twitter @Fowlmouthedchef you are missing out on a ton of food porn.  Here are a few of my favourite meals. Greg’s Braised Beef with a Quail Egg – it was a wine, butter, induced coma after – AMAZING! My […]

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wehani rice

It’s a Meatless Monday

Every Monday a large majority of my twitter feed is filled up with Meatless Monday recipes and idea’s. As you all know from reading my blog I am a meat loving lady, give me steak and bacon everyday and twice on Sundays and I’m happy.  However…it seems that my waist line is not agreeing with […]

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BC Come Dine with Me Canada

Bring on BC! #CDWMC

I’m torn about what to write today…I loved watching last night’s show, I felt like I was watching a real cooking show vs. the hilarity that normally is presented.  Everyone with the exception of Robin pulled off a good meal, made everything from scratch and where great hosts with exceptional personalities. It reminded me of […]

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cdwmc my poarty

Strippers, Fights and a Crazy Fowlmouthed Chef on #CDWMC

Well the wait was over for me Monday night, my episode of Come Dine with Me Canada aired.  We filmed in May and I forgot a lot of what was covered…but it all came screaming back! I’m not going to use my blog as a forum to defend myself – except for this little statement. […]

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