Cheers to Guns and Bacon, Come Dine with Me Canada Block Three

My first comment on the Facebook fan page for Come Dine with Me Canada tonight was “I’m not loving this group” someone responded saying “You must be drunk, their amazing”, well she was right. What a laugh, a complete motley crew. This show is so very different from my other favorite Hell’s Kitchen because I feel they really are REAL people. With real hang ups, and real personality faults and fucked up stories…speaking of… Seriously Felix, you are one scary mother fucker. I don’t even want to know what kind of an upbringing you had where your childhood stories mix fire arms and women pouring boiling pots of water over men’s heads! I give you kudos for trying in the kitchen, but come on, who puts rice pudding in the blender. No one, that is who. And buddy you need to see someone about a sensor when you talk. People just don’t share that kind of shit with strangers!!

I was thinking tonight that I hated James, but now that the show is over I have decided that I HATE Tanwnya. At least James was consistent and a prick the whole night, Tawnya on the other hand was so two faced she was making my head spin at the end. But really, who wears a white dress from the 70’s to host their dinner party when they are not into vintage. Oh lady, you bug me. Take your “Grunt” and shove it up your ass. And learn how to cook while you’re at it. YOU Sucked!

James and Ro really were two of my favorites, James I love to hate you (and be so insanely jealous of your to die for kitchen!) and Ro your off the wall comments all night “Speaking of Tools” and “Whacked Off” oh shit, I almost fell off the couch laughing. Ro made her way into my heart with love of her heritage (my second home, Italy – although I really should visit before I start referring to it as my second home – but anyway) and James with his dirty talk to the ham. I thought he may get down with the sweet sweaty Ham right there on his new counter tops. I mean, I thought about it – KIDDING.

Stacey, you had me at stout. You were the sweetest Punk Rocker in the world. I’d love to have you over for dinner any day of the week and twice on Tuesday.

Come Dine with Me Canada, I’m in love with you again and look forward to our date next week. Bottoms UP! Heather

PS. I will be recreating James menu, it was the best of the night…It kinda kills me to say that, but you can’t blame good food on bad people. It’s the BACON, I just love it, I want to bathe in it! Okay, stopping now.

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