Great women inspire great food

Today was a great day.  I spent it with two great friends. Over the day and night there were lots of laughs, stories told and as always food shared.  As I was walking home at the end of my day I started to think about all the great women in my life, those who are with me now and those who have passed, and my mind landed on my Grandma Garand – Georgette Garand. I started to think about when I truly took an interest in cooking, really started to teach myself in the kitchen. My memories drifted back to the summer of 1992, I was 16. My Grandparents had just moved from their town-house into an apartment and I was over helping my Grandma unpack. At 1pm in the afternoon she would start preparing dinner, they ate dinner at 3;30-4:00pm (I’m not sure if that is a “French” thing or a “Garand” thing, but that is what she did), as she was preparing it we would chat and I would help…as much as I could at the time, which wasn’t really much.  At 3pm in the afternoon her favourite cooking show came on, The Urban Peasant. We would watch the 30min episodes and then Grandpa would come home and we would have dinner.  It was from that time, I took an interest in trying my hand at cooking.  One day I left my Grandparents after the show I attempted to make a Mexican dish,  a layered casserole similar to shepherds pie but using flour tortillas in between beef and corn…it wasn’t that great and I’m pretty sure my parents who ate it did it out of pure kindness. From there I starting to cook very simple dishes as I was still a very picky eater, however I expected everyone to love the crazy dishes I came up with-typical Heather!

One of the reasons I love having my blog is to share great recipes, idea’s and experiences.  And as cheesey as this sounds (And very unlike me to post) I want to say thanks Grandma G. for sharing your time with me. I wish you were here right now and we could watch cooking shows and eat dinner at 3:30pm together. I’m sure you would hate to love Gordon Ramsy with me!

My Grandma at 18, wasn’t she beautiful!gg

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