Day 3, Heather’s Whole30

October 26th 2016

Day 3 of Whole30

How is Heather doing today?

Well..ummmm….In the Whole30 book there is a breakdown of what you may experience day by day.  Day 3 is the beginning of KILL EVERYTHING. I laughed this off since I have been feeling great.  Very little withdrawal, I’m sleeping like baby (for the new mothers out there, I’m referring to that elusive baby that sleeps through the night) and I started working out again because I have a ton of energy.

That all changed at 5pm Tuesday night.  I don’t know if it was my blood sugar that dropped, my PMS going into overdrive, the lack of wine in my system or just day 3 of no sugar but I was a raging lunatic.  Poor, poor, Jeremy.  That man has more patience than a Saint. All my frustrations were a missile strike against him for about an hour.  Now here is the key for anyone starting a Whole30 – know you are not immune to this stage and plan accordingly.  Jeremy and I talked in depth about what I will experience and we came up with a “safe word” (yes I said safe word) that he can use if I am acting crazy.  After 20min of him responding to my every comment with the safe word, did I clue in that, yes, in fact I was acting crazy.

Thank goodness for planning.  You must plan as you embark on a Whole30. Plan the good/bad and ugly.

After the craziness ended I became Zen once again and cooked a beautiful dinner.

Tonight’s dinner was super simple, steak and salad.  Sunday, I did all my protein shopping at Cumbrea’s on Bayview and picked up beautiful fillets for tonight’s dinner.  In a very hot pan I added 2tbs of gee and then seared each side, then let sit for 5 minutes before slicing.

The salad was a mixture of spicy greens; mustard greens and arugula. Topped with watermelon radish, carrots, celery, cucumber, spicy green olives and almonds.  Dressed with white balsamic and olive oil.


I couldn’t finish my steak, I was stuffed.  Salad can be a meal and it’s quick and easy in a pinch.

Question of the day

Is beef a good protein choice?

In my opinion yes BUT.  The BUT is this, beef should be grass fed.  Grass feed beef has the Omega 3’s your body can’t make on its own. Go one step further if you can and buy local grass feed.  Yes, I know it’s more expensive but believe me you will taste the difference and your body will feel it.

Remember I am not a Dr. or even close! Just a lady who loves all things food. Here are a few links to experts that I look to and help me form my opinions.

George Mateljan Foundation

Dr. Mercola

Thanks for checking out Heather’s Fowl Mouthed Kitchen Whole30 – please share your Whole30 stories I know there are tons of us out there!


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