Amazing Martini’s! Part One.

If you know me, you know that I love my martini. Introduced many moons ago at a “Turkey Day” party we fell instantly in love. We’ve had our share of fights and even broken up a few times but I keep taking him back. Here is a list of my top 5 Martini’s.

1) Gin Martini at the Spice Route on King St. in Toronto. Yummy,yummy,yummy – My last time there I made a new rule, it’s called the two martini rule. They have an amazing heated patio, and super delish food as well.

2) Gin Martini at Eat My Martini on College St. in Toronto. Good, good good. Service sucked when I was there but the drink was still great!

3) Gin Martini at Manhattan Club in NYC, USA. They were super good but I didn’t follow my rule…

4) Gin Martini at the REX on Queen St. in Toronto. The legendary Jazz club may not be thought of as a great place to get martini’s but those little 2oz shot glasses pack a punch. And you get to listen to great music to boot!

5) Gin Martini at the Orbit Room on College St. in Toronto. If you go on Wednesday nights you can also catch LMT Connection amazing funk while you drink.

Stay tuned more Martini’s to come…

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