2012 Detox Day Five

Holy crap I am bursting with energy today! I just did the running man in the middle of my living room to the opening theme song of Big Bang Theory, obviously the chemicals from my detox are affecting my brain.  All kidding aside I feel fucken fantastic today! It’s all so very interesting to me with all my food knowledge (I think I know a fair amount), concern for the environment and disdain for people who don’t take care of themselves I turn into one of those people six months of the year.  Do you see the trend here and why I am looking for the lifestyle balance?

Today I’m very excited as I’m moving out of the bee hive that I currently live in (Although I LOVE my 19th floor view of High Park) and into a house with a backyard garden.  This spring /summer I’m going to be in heaven.  In preparation for my garden this Sunday Jenna and I are having a Sunday Funday; attending A Beginners Guide To Urban Gardening at Noor Cultural Centre.  HOW amazing is this.  It is being put on by a group is called Young Urban Farmers.

PS. I found out about this from my trusted Toronto resource NOW magazine…where I also work.

I’ve had gardens in the past and there is nothing better than picking your dinner fresh each night. NOTHING! I owe my energy today to those vegetables, seeing as 70% of the food I ate today was grow from the ground.  It’s not milk that does a body good but veggies, so fill up on all their rainbow goodness.

Me a few years ago holding the fruit of my labour.

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