A Table for ONE can be Fun!

Seven or so years ago I was shopping in the Worlds Biggest Bookstore just off Yonge St. in Toronto and came across two cookbooks that have been used again and again. My favourite simply called, Italian cooking by capalbo.whiteman.white.boggiano published in 2001 was my basic introduction to Italian cooking. A few days ago I thought cooking for one can be fun, anyone who grew up in the 80’s may remember Muppet Babies, this song was playing in my head all week, “A Table For One Can be Fun“.  I decided that I don’t need a dinner party or someone sitting across from me at the dinner table to cook amazing food…cooking for me, well I’m the harshest critic, the best judge and the only one that matters right now, so a table for one can be fun. I digress, we are talking food.

Tonight’s amazing dinner – Chicken with Peppers


Chicken breasts
1/2 red, yellow and orange peppers
medium onion
dried chili
red wine or white wine
2 fresh tomatoes
salt and pepper to taste
2 tsp olive oil

1)1 tsp of olive oil sauté onions until almost clear, then remove from pot
2)1 tsp of olive oil brown chicken on all sides
3)add onions, and dried chili’s, and wine, cook till wine has reduced by half
4)add onions, sweet peppers and cook about 5 min.
5)add in tomatoes, cook for about 3 more min, then serve with fresh basil.

The dish is simply, healthy (I used 100% organic, all the way to the basil thanks to a friend named Kim) and quick. It only takes about 40 min. from prop to table and fills you up after a long workday. Enjoy!

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