Bring on BC! #CDWMC

I’m torn about what to write today…I loved watching last night’s show, I felt like I was watching a real cooking show vs. the hilarity that normally is presented.  Everyone with the exception of Robin pulled off a good meal, made everything from scratch and where great hosts with exceptional personalities. It reminded me of where Come Dine with Me Canada started.

Alex won his way to my heart, a man that can cook, it easy on the eyes and wears pink…my heart is popping out of my chest.

Nav made me laugh with all his comments, there was always a sexual undertone but he really had no idea it just came out of his mouth.  At first I was a bit taken back by his dinner but then when he explained why he paired mac-n-cheese with Tandoori chicken it all made sense (For those who missed that part – he described his meal as like him, Canadian with a Little Indian not the other way around).

Rachel was hilarious! Loved the slip n slide and the fact that everyone participated, that rocked.  She is cute as a button.  Touch chick with a big heart that can chug beer with the best of them!

Syd….oh Syd, I know a few people like you who just like the sound of their own voice but you won me over with your crazy remarks to Robin.  I am so surprised you didn’t go into her wine cellar uncork and bottle and drink straight from it just to piss her off – i would have paid to see that!

I could rag and rage on Robin for the whole post but I’m not going to – she didn’t win and got bad mouthed like crazy on Twitter last night.  My Twitter comment summed it up.  She is so bad, so mean, so rude and arrogant that she should be set up with Drama from my block for a Come Dine with Me Canada Rags to Riches dinner.  It would be a blood bath.

I’m already drooling over next week!  BRING ON THE BACON!!!

OH And I can’t forget my favourite meal of the week!  Alex – LOVE you!

BC Lamb


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